Friday Quick Links


I’m going to try a recurring thing, where I link to other blog posts and make very quick comments about them. We’ll see how weekly Friday posts work for this.

1) Robert Murphy praises Paul Krugman – a huge turn of events from a man who is usually (and often correctly) hypercritical of the Nobel Laureate. I guess Austrians and Keynesians can find some common ground – namely when they’re attacking assumptions made the Chicago school.

2) Tyler Cowen tries to get Peter Boettke to admit that the financial bailouts were a good idea. Boettke predictably refuses, stating that Cowen is misstating what it means to be a libertarian. Cowen hits back with the notion that letting banks go bankrupt instead of bailing them out would still increase the size of government – because you need the court systems to deal with all the fallout. Steve Horowitz weighs in on the Austrian Economics blog, saying that Tyler is confusing increasing the scale of government (which would be necessary to deal with increased work load associated with bankruptcy from bank failure, but would not give government new powers). Horowitz points out the the bailouts increased the scope of government – creating a the feds precedence to use new powers.  I think this last view is essentially correct. I’ve stopped thinking of Cowen as a libertarian for a while now. Stay tooned, because I’m sure this debate is not over.

3) A strange case where the Dutch government has taken legal guardianship over a 13 year old girl, who is trying to become the youngest person to sail, solo, around the world. Her parents are ok with it, but the nanny state has intervened. Possible violation of freedoms or just negligent parents (or both)?

4) My father has a new education related blog, but has yet to post. He keeps trying to get me to teach him, but I everything I tell him he forgets in a couple weeks and asks me to repeat myself. I’m not holding out much hope that his blog will be very successful, but we’ll see. He has some good ideas about providing resources to fellow educators – something he knows a lot about.


  1. Oliver says:

    Does your dad know how to send an email? Perhaps he can post by email.

    • Zachary Kurtz says:

      It’s more about how to make an effective blog post, how to attract people to his site, etc.

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