Friday Quick Links

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To continue the noble tradition:

1. I’m not entirely sure, but I think Robin Hanson is saying he’s a successful blogger and economist because he’s so pretty.

2. There seems to be some debate ( started by Steve Horowitz, continued by Mario Rizzo) about Ludwig von Mises’s position on free banking. Horwitz claims that Mises prefers his own approach rather than the strict market-anarchist of Rothbard. I’m glad. I don’t much like Rothbard’s take in this regard.

3. Bob Murphy apologizes to Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen (I’m not entirely convinced either of them deserve it).

4. Freakonomics reports that, in Detriot, the average home price is less than a good used car. The low price could encourage immigration to Detroit, but probably not since there doesn’t seem to be much to do once you get there (career-wise).

5. Carl Zimmer quits bloggingheads and hints at a conspiracy that the editor Robert Wright is a secret creationist (or at least sympathetic).

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