Friday Quick Links

flickr by Adam Kuban

1. Provide the energy demands to your virtual city in the online flash game Energyville. HT2 Robert Simione.

2. What do disgraced NY governor Eliot Spitzer and GMU economist Tyler Cowen have in common? They’re both in this economics podcast from The Takeaway (on post bailout banks) – though only one of them had their name misspelled in the transcript (you’ll have to discover which one for yourself).

3. Media power – CNN releases a mistaken report about a US Coast Guard drill, presenting the incident as a real shooting. The scary part is that CNN report was based on intercepted radio signals.  Something tells me it shouldn’t be so easy for the media to do this.

4. The most recent world’s oldest person is no longer the world’s oldest person. Why aren’t people able to live past 115 years? The bible says Moses lived until 120.

5. Arnold Kling thinks that we should lower our expectations of expertise, especially in the social sciences. There’s just just too much we don’t know, that so-called experts claim to know.

6. Take a photographic field trip to the Creation Museum with Rationality Now. Interesting pictures and great (skeptical) commentary from Dan. I highly recommend going through the whole series. HT2 Neece at Having Dead Cats blog.

7. The highly anticipated Monopoly City Street was so popular on it’s Sept. 8th release date, that it crashed servers. The game will be reset next week, presumably with more bandwidth.


  1. Lurraine says:

    This is way better than a brick & mortar estlabishnmet.

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