Friday Quick Links

1. The Minneapolis Fed has always been the most conservative of the branches and now they’ve hired a new chairman that has some interesting ideas (from WSJ blog). HT2 – Tyler Cowen

2. You’ve heard (and perhaps disagreed with) the concept of subsidizing alternative energies… but what about taxing them? Jeffery Miron reports that solar panel importers are facing $70 mill in new tariffs. I suspect this may be part of the ‘buy american’ campaign. I wonder what the environmental left has to say about it.

3. Bob Murphy links to a hilarious video from Jon Stewart about the alleged super-majority of Senate democrats. Why can’t they pass anything? I don’t agree with many of Stewarts supporting points of public option for health care, but still a good video.

4. Dave Prychitko tells us about supply and demand. The Dems arguments for a public option to keep costs down and raise consumership just don’t work, if supply and demand curves are right. I’ve made the same arguments for public option for college education.

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