Watering the Germans

From the BBC

A group of rich Germans has launched a petition calling for the government to make wealthy people pay higher taxes.

The group say they have more money than they need, and the extra revenue could fund economic and social programmes to aid Germany’s economic recovery.

This is just insane. Why don’t they invest or donate their money if they really want to help recovery?

Seems like they’re overestimating the “G” aspect in the Keynesian C + I + G + X − M = Y(GDP) formula.

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  1. Oliver says:

    It just means they trust the government more than themselves or potential charitable partners, or they are too lazy to decide how to spend the money.

    I think the better alternative is that they give it to me. I’m going to start the Anti-Neo-Post-Pseudo-Keynesian school. The formula will be:

    Y = C + I + X + O – M – G

    I wonder what the “O” term is… :)

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