Stuff White People Like on Signaling

The humor blog Stuff White People Like is a really fun commentary on signaling, self-deception, and irrational memes. Plenty offensive, but I see it as a really valuable educational tool.

Here’s a recent one I enjoyed that seems to be about Robin Hanson’s near/far biases and preference for visible signaling:

…white people in places like Los Angeles or Austin, TX will often promise to learn Spanish in hopes of being able to ask local taco stands about whether or not their carne asada is grass fed (”¿Ha leído usted Michael Pollan?”).

In order to reach this level of fluency and obnoxiousness, white people believe they must put themselves into a local immersion. This means a promise to watch only Spanish language TV, listen only to Spanish language radio, read Marquez in his native tongue, and watch foreign films with the subtitles turned off. There are some instances of white people doing this for almost a week!

When this technique is unavailable or fails, white people will immediately turn to books and computer software as a last ditch effort to make good on their promise. After about a week, most white people will give up and blame someone for their failure (”this software is terrible,” “there aren’t enough people in Portland who speak Farsi!”). But rather than discarding the books and software packaging, white people will simply put them in the most visible part of their book shelf. This allows white people to believe that they have not failed since they can resume their studies at any time until their death.

Read the whole thing!

Here’s a link to the full list.


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  2. I like learning Spanish and that would be so interesting to do that.

  3. It is really intersting for me to read about the memes and I really need to follow your site to get the information.

  4. Stuff White People Like is not only created for irrational memes but it can also be an educational tool. Everything they post is seen by millions of people. I have never heard about this blog. Thank you a lot.

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