Politics and Status

Is it low status to reveal partisanship in politics? (example)


  1. Oliver says:

    Yes, but of course it varies with the audience.

    I like how Mankiw, Tyler Cowen, and RH express their disagreement on this issue. It just seems more sophisticated.

    Bordeaux comes across to me as violently thrashing and–ironically–I feel nauseous reading his words.

    I certainly have a tendancy towards a double standard. When PZ Myers or Taleb are purposely insulting, I find it amusing and sometimes insightful. Though–the post you link is really rather extreme. I guess he really does basically see them as white collar criminals.

  2. zach says:

    I agree with you. I wonder if my impression of his status is informing my opinion of this post and therefore his status (positive feedback loop).

    • Aika says:

      Jess – She is precious!!!Dawn I LOVE the secnod shot I can’t believe you captured that look on her face it’s awesome.Love your work (as always) and can’t wait till we have our next one so we can work with you again :o )

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